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Welcome to Dave Junk Car Buyer in Shelburne, Ontario! We remove scrap cars in Shelburne, Ontario. We provide scrap car removal services in Shelburne, Ontario and surrounding areas. If you live in Shelburne, Grand Valley, Amaranth, Mono, Dundalk and you are looking to get rid of your unwanted car then you are at the right website. Please give us a call at 416-837-1294 and we will be at your location within an hour. We are an honest scrap car removal company in your area because we always keep our promises.

Scrap cars are defined as unwanted, old and rusty cars. These cars were proud symbols of mobility at one time and owners had many good memories with these cars but unfortunately everything has end of life cycle and these cars need to be send to the scrapyard and get recycled. Our company has a very good team of scrap car tow truck drivers and we tow away your scrap cars in Shelburne, Ontario and surrounding areas. We should not leave these scrap cars on our property because they have bad impact on our environment and they should be removed to the scrapyard located in your local area of Shelburne. Scrapyards treat these cars according to the ministry of environment requirements and recycle the scrap cars.

There are three junkyards in Shelburne area. We provide scrap car removal service and tow your scrap car to one of these junkyards. We have tow truck available in Shelburne all the time to serve you on your doorstep. You can count on us regarding your unwanted car removal needs.

History Of Shelburne

Shelburne is situated at North West of Toronto. It is neighbouring Dundalk, Amaranth, Grand Valley and Orangeville. William Jelly, the man who founded the town of Shelburne, made his way through the undergrowth to select lots in Melancthon around the beginning of the 1860s, when he constructed a number of huts there. The building of the Toronto-Sydenham Road (now Highway 10) coincided with Melancthon's development in the late 1840s and resulted in the 1860s settlers' arrival in the Shelburne region. William Jelly opened the British Canadian Hotel in 1865. Not long after, a post office bearing the Earl of Shelburne's name was constructed. Because of the new railways that were constructed, there was rapid economic expansion and the population grew from 70 villagers in 1869 to 750 people in 1877. The town of Shelburne was established in 1877.

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